Monday, July 27, 2009

What is Web 2.0 technology in education?

After spending most of my summer in forums and reading blogs, I've now come to an understanding of what Web 2.0 technology is. I was very confused when I first heard the term. Is is some sort of new software? Who made it and where did it come from? I really had no clue.

Web 2.0 technology is just a term to explain the new trend in technology today. It refers to the social networking and collaborative tools that are on the cutting edge. It is a huge movement in education today. It is mostly seen in secondary education, although many teachers begin early and web 2.0 tools can be used in any classroom.

I've included some links that helped me to understand web 2.0 tools and become familiar with them.

Here is a wiki about web 2.0 and it gives some helpful background information on the term. Web 2.0 in Education & Profiles - Intro.

Here is a great blog post that has details about web 2.0 in education. Moving Toward Web 2.0 in K-12 Education

Classroom 2.0 is a social network of educators that use web 2.0 technology in there classrooms. I have spent endless hours learning from the blogs and forums here.

I hope these help you to see how much more we could be doing in our classrooms. I'm still not sure what I would like to do in my classroom. I currently have a classroom website, but the students do not contribute to it. I'm thinking about maybe doing a classroom blog. We will see how this one does first.


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