Thursday, August 27, 2009

Setting Up Your Classroom for the New School Year

I've already started considering what I will be changing in my classroom when I return. Each new year is a wonderful time to consider what changes can be made to make the classroom better.

Classrooms should be a students' home away from home. I've heard some teacher say that you don't want your students to get to comfortable in the classroom, but I disagree. When a student feels "at home" in the learning environment, they are more likely to take risks.

After looking into ways I can make my room more comfortable and homey, I have put together some tips and ways I will organize my classroom this year. Some of these tips I've already had a chance to add to my room and they have made a difference.

  • Use a color or pattern theme in your classroom to tie things together visually. In my room I've used dots on bulletin boards, posters, and curtains.

  • Use lamps, rugs, plants, curtains, or other items that are normally found in a home. I have a lamp on my desk, a rug in the reading corner, plants, and curtains.
Here I've used flowers and a table cloth to make the entrance of my classroom more homey.
  • Have comfortable seating for reading and relaxing. I have a reading corner with a rug and pillows the students can use to sit or lounge on.
Here is my reading corner. You can see the red and purple pillows behind the book rack.
  • Give students input. Post students' work and allow them to have some input on decorating the room. When I had a problem with desks not staying straight, I asked the students if they had any ideas. One student had the idea that we put tape on the floor for one desk in each group and that person is the group desk leader. Everyone else has to make sure that their desk is in line with the group leader. What a wonderful idea!
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