Tuesday, October 6, 2009

It's My Job

The week I participated in the #edchat on twitter. The topic of discussion was “How to make lessons engaging instead of blaming the Internet or Technology.” When discussing this topic with my fellow educators, I realized some very important things.

I realized that it is my job to make lessons engaging to students. As a teacher, I must motivate my students and engage them in meaningful learning. That being said, it is my job to learn how to motivate and engage. It is also my job continue to learn everyday.

I know many teachers who only attend the provided professional development and are satisfied that it is enough. I want the very best for my students, not just the bare minimum. Students need more than just the ability to pass the test. They need to be given a passion for learning. They will not be passionate for learning if their teacher is not passionate.

I became a teacher because I want to make a difference and I love learning. When I share all the fun things I learn about education and technology, it is only because they excite me and I hope you are excited too. I just want my fellow teachers to understand that it doesn’t really matter if you are passionate about all this technology stuff. You need to be passionate about learning and making yourself a better teacher. It’s your job.


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